Wife Tells Husband She Is Pregnant At His Funeral, 25 Weeks Later Doctors Tell The Pregnant Woman Heartbreaking News

Courtney Hill lost the love of her life Brian just five years after their marriage in a tragic truck accident. Already parents to a beautiful daughter, Reagen, Hill received the news of her pregnancy after Brian's death. The devastating mother said, "The children will all know about their dad. From the military to family man…he was the true hero. He was an amazing man, always willing to help others. He was just an amazing father and husband. He was perfect."

End Of A Beautiful Beginning

Courtney Hill lost her husband in a tragic truck accident in Afghanistan in February 2016. The couple first met during a snowstorm in Illinois in 2011 and they were inseparable since then. They got married and had a beautiful daughter, Reagen, together. However, the unfortunate couple didn't knew that their happy ever after was such short lived.

Losing The Love Of Her Life Just 5 Years After The Marriage

The couple wanted to build their life together and were planning to have more children. Brian was a retired Navy Veteran and had served in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. Losing her partner of 5 years was the most tragic thing that could happen to Hill but what happened after her husband's death was more heartbreaking.

After The Tragedy, Receiving The News Of A Blessing

Days after the death of her husband, Hill took another pregnancy test only to find she will be becoming a mother soon. Though heartbroken, the pregnant woman was excited that she is carrying a symbol of her late husband's love. However, not everything was going well for Hill and fearing that she might be having a miscarriage, she went for a check-up to the hospital.

Surprise, Its TRIPLETS!

But the news the doctor gave to the pregnant mom was completely opposite of what she was expecting. Hill was told by her doctor that she is carrying triplets leaving the young mother in stock. Hill couldn't contain her happiness and said, "My jaw DROPPED. I’m excited to have three more smiles that remind me of him."

Hill started decorating the nursery with her sister's help keeping the theme blue in the remembrance of her deceased husband.

Losing One Of The Blessing

Hill was ready to celebrate the news but it seems like the test was not over yet. As 25 weeks later she was called again in the doctor's office telling her that one of the triplets has died in the womb. Devastated upon losing her son Brady, who according to her was completely healthy, the bereaved mother said, "It caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting to hear that news at the ultrasound. It reminded me of the loss of my husband, with his loss came blessings. I lost Brady but I was given two newborn babies who are healthy. Most triplets have weeks in intensive care. Not in my case, everybody went home the next day. We have suffered, but we also have been blessed with little miracles."

Welcoming Two Healthy Babies Into The World

Being a strong woman she is, Hill got hold of her emotions and prepared herself to welcome her two children into the world. She gave birth to two healthy babies on September 21. According to her the most difficult period after her husband's death was telling the world that her newborns were not twins but were actually triplets.

Dealing With the Absence Of One Of Her Blessings

It was really difficult for her to explain the absence of Brady to tell the world, "People jump to the conclusion that they are twins. I call them surviving triplets. Many people get it, but others don’t. I don’t expect people to know my story, that I had three heartbeats for 26 weeks, but it hurts when I hear ‘twins’ and I know in my heart that they are triplets."

Baby Is With Daddy In Heaven

Hill's daughter Reagen knew the pain her mother is going through and to make it a little less painful for her she started to tell people about her little brother Brady, explaining that her brother Brady was in heaven with her father. Hill said, "She’ll tell them, ‘My brother Brady is in Heaven with my daddy."

Surviving Triplets

The new mom said she doesn't want her son Brady to be forgotten. She wants the world to remember him, "I don’t want Brady to go unrecognized. He will always be my little boy. To call them surviving triplets makes me happy because I know he gets the credit he deserves.”

Fighting The Cruel Society For The Sake Of Her Family

Where the society showed her love and respect for her bravery, there is also a part of the society who bashed Hill about her dead child and dead husband, saying the evilest things one can think of, "People tell me they are glad the baby died or that they hope Child Protective Services comes to take my family away. Unless you walk a mile in my shoes, you have no idea what I’m going through. They don’t see that I’m a healthy, fit mom who takes care of her children. And they don’t know how I’m handling things when I go to sleep at night."

Despite the hardships, Hill knows that for the sake of her husband Brian and her children, she will never give up because she knows the pain of losing a loved one to death and she won't give into the mean and harsh behaviour of the people.


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