What Should Couples do to Achieve Eternal Happiness

When we are in love, the world makes sense to us. The feeling of being in love is one of the best feelings in the world.If love has to survive between a couple, it is essential for both the partners to verbally express their true feelings. it is considered healthy for a relationship that the partners should tell each other what they mean to them.

But there is a problem, not everyone is good at verbally expressing their love. At times in a relationship, when one of the partners is verbally weak, it can cause problems. There have been a number of cases when couples have separated because they don’t get to hear “I love you” from ‘their partner. However, there are ways through which people, who hesitate to speak out, express their love for the ones they love. According to research, there 9 such discrete ways through which people can express their love without saying it. Action speaks louder than words. They act in some particular ways which has written “I love you” all over it.

1. They aren’t afraid to talk about the future with you.

If you find your partner taking interest in talking about having a future with you, it means they are ready to be with you forever. They would love to discuss future plans with you and would sacrifice everything to have that dream life with you.

2. They let themselves become vulnerable with you.

Vulnerability is very uncommon among couples, especially the ones who do not foresee a future together. Only those who truly love each other and want to be together, make themselves vulnerable to each other out of love. They share everything with each other and let them know about their imperfect perfections. This factor can make or break a potential relationship.

3. They act genuinely happy to be around you.

When they are in your company, they do not have to say it. The way they act happy and excited means that they really love you. And whenever they’re apart from you, they’d always be thinking about you and how you make them happy. They’ll let you know through cute texts or short calls that you’ll love a lot.

4. They take a sincere interest in your life – to the greatest detail.

If you find your partner taking interest in your everyday life, rest assured that they love you with everything they got. From the biggest things like a job interview to the smallest things like your hairstyle, they take interest with all their heart. And they would use these details in order to make your lives a little better.

5. They devote a bulk of their time to you.

You mean the entire world to them. They would love to spend time with you, even if they have to spend hours. They give you importance more than their time, which is the most important thing in the world. They would specifically make time for you even if they’re busy with a lot of work. They do this only because they love you.

6. They give you thoughtful and meaningful gifts.

An expensive gift is not some criteria to measure someone’s love. Gifts you receive from your partner tells a lot about how much they know you, how much you mean to them and how much they love you. They dive deep into your interests and actually take out the time to find the perfect gift for you.

7. They do whatever they can to help make your life easier.

It may be hard for them to say that they love you. But if they try to help you in the time of need or they try to make life comfortable for you, by putting in a lot of effort, they don’t need to say anything. Even your silence can say a million words. They, clearly, love you more than you know.

8. They still treat you with respect even when you argue and fight.

Arguments and disagreements are considered very common among couples. In fact, it is also considered healthy. But the person who truly loves you will not disrespect you even during a fight. They will be considerate towards your feelings and try not to hurt you with their words. And afterward, they’ll logically discuss the thing you were fighting about. This is true love.

9. They always make you feel appreciated.

If your partner is making you feel good and appreciated about your life, they love you even if they fail to say the “L” word. They make you realize that you are important to them and that you have a very good impact on their life. Everything you do makes an impact in their life, this is how much you mean to them.

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