Finnish Photographer Captures Real-life Angry Birds, And The Result Is Amazing

Ossi Saarinen is a wildlife photographer from Finland. He has been capturing several kinds of wild creatures in Finnish landscape but his bird photographs are usually the ones making people go “awww”.

In some way, numerous birds can be found in his snapshots like real-life variations of Angry Birds. They are grumpy, adorable and hilarious simultaneously. From blue tit, long-tail tit to breaded reedling, most of them come to be ideal models in his photographs and display their unique attributes. Sometimes they seem so furious, people can’t help but adore them. In addition, with his sense of humor, Ossi’s amusing captions with those pictures can provide the viewers a great smile.

Ossi enjoys being in the wild. He stays a long time in the woods to be around wild creatures even during cold weather when the temperature can go down to -20 Celsius degree or lower. He quietly waits for them and contemplates them with his camera. He expects that his photographs of wildlife and nature will offer a few happy moments to people while observing them. Additionally, it could perhaps encourage people to be more concerned about mother nature.

Besides pictures of feathered friends, he as well captures other cute animals, particularly baby ones such as foxes, squirrels, mice, ducks, raccoon, dogs, and others.

See the beautiful pictures below and prepare for your heart to be melted.

Source: snuk

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