Are You Interested In Long-Haul Train Trip?

There is nothing beats train travel. Trains give you the opportunity to travel relatively quickly and comfortably from one place to another. Unlike in a plane, when traveling by train you see it all and experience the day to day of places you would otherwise hop right over. Unlike a bus, you can get up and walk around to stretch the legs and can enjoy certain amenities like dining cars and sleeper cabins.

We love a long train ride, especially those that cruise across stunning landscapes. This Wanderlist gives you 15 of the best long-haul trips that we think you should put at the top of your travel list. We have included some luxury options, as well as options easier on the wallet, so hopefully, there is something for everyone.

Have a happy riding!

1. Travel on Rovos Rail

Southeast Africa

2. Travel on the Reunification Express


3. Travel on the Bullet Train


4. Travel on the Himsagar Express


5. Travel on the Ghan


6. Travel on the Indian Pacific


7. Travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway


8. Travel on the Glacier Express


9. Travel on the Bergen Railway


10. Travel on the Canadian


11. Travel on the California Zephyr

United States

12. Travel on the Hiram Bingham Express

13. Travel on the Eastern and Oriental Express

Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore

14. Travel on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway

China, Tibet

Source: backpackertravel

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