30 mind-boggling workplace fails

In our modern consumerist world it’s only normal that we’ll come across a poorly made product or slipshod design once in while… Until the day we find ourselves in front of something that makes our jaw drop as wonder what on Earth some employees or designers were thinking! Here are 30 mind-boggling workplace fails that range from hilarious to downright dangerous!

1. Looks like Dora the Explorer’s been eating rather than traveling

2. Was this really so difficult?

3. We think something may be missing…

4. It’s a dog’s life…

5. Right place, wrong position

6. Just a duck with an upside down head…

7. So which one is it?

8. Where’s Uri Geller when you need him?

9. Warning – trip hazard

10. A minimalist pumpkin

11. Always double-check the position of windows and doors before you advertise on a bus!

12. Well, at least you know it’s fresh!

13. Why not put them in the proper place?

14. Fire the plumber!

15. There’s a fork in the road…

16. Ecuador’s famous long yellow things

17. An easy-to-reach garage

18. The most useless vent in bathroom history

19. At least these onions won’t make you cry when you peel them…

20. When a warehouse worker rebels…

21. Do not book this room if it’s your first romantic weekend away with a new partner…

22. Quick, but most certainly deadly

23. Nope, they don’t look like glasses

24. There’s nothing more romantic than a melting baby brain…

25. Oops!

26. The reason why you should always hire a proofreader

27. An ATM for giants

28. Hilarious! When wordplay gets dirty

29. When Tauriel’s ousted by Obi-Wan Kenobi

30. No it’s not chocolate-smeared – it’s the marble’s pattern!


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