Suzy shows her confidence and appeared without any makeup in the first days of 2018

Suzy began the year 2018 strong and confident to go completely discovered without any makeup at the Incheon airport. This was her first public appearance in 2018, and she chose to be natural in her first look-the-year.

Recall that it has been almost 2 months since she separated from Lee Min Ho. His attire with which she appeared at the airport was simple, since it consisted of a black cap, light blue jeans, a long black coat, complemented by her ivory shoes.

Her Dior bag, which almost certainly was going to be a statement garment along with her simple attire, ended up playing second to her incredible natural beauty. Suzy appeared and showed in the new year with a new sense of style: simple but beautiful. The fans reacted positively to the natural look of Suzy saying that they were amazed by her beauty!


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