18 Pictures That Prove Humor Is Essential for Any Family

A good sense of humor can help any problem — it can even save a marriage. That’s why families where a husband and wife are able to laugh at each other are the most stable. If family members have a good sense of humor too, they’re sure to live happy lives together.

We has collected pictures that show people who laugh so much together, they’d be happy to spend time with each other forever.

10. “My nephew said, ’I think the milk has gone bad.’ ”

9. “Parents noticed the change only three months later. They were mad.”

8. “My husband is no longer allowed to go to the craft store alone.”

7.“My dad is the funniest person he knows.”

6. “My dad brought me these balloons for my birthday. He’s a dentist, by the way.”

5. “My little niece thought that putting sunglasses and a hat on my dog would be really funny. She was correct.”

4. “Going away for the weekend and asked my husband to pack a bag for our daughter…”

3. This is for my little brother.

2. “My girlfriend asked her grandmother if she’d walk her dog while she was at work. This is what she came home to.”

1. “Yesterday when I was driving home from practice I got pulled over and panicked, and then I looked and saw my dad. He thinks he’s so funny.”

Does your family have a good sense of humor? How do you laugh at each other? 

Source: incrediblenat

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