18 Passengers who should be Permanently Banned from Travelling

Traveling from one place to another can be quite a tough task. Especially, when the aftermath of it ranges from tiredness to jetlag. I wouldn’t choose both of those. However, it can get even worse than that. Wanna know how? If you are unfortunate enough to meet any of the people who fall into the category of absolute trash. They will make you realize how good your own bed is and that you could have just died on it instead of going to that important business meeting.

Better dead due to poverty than having someone’s smelly feet dangling in front of you.

And if you have never come face to face with someone like that, consider yourself lucky.

1. There is not enough leg area. What is a person supposed to do?

2. “Who did this? Let’s talk about the Why”.

3. Being comfortable in all walks of life.

4. Legs touching the sky for once.

5. Rocking the leggy chair.

6. Hey there! Nice to meet you too.

7. Never seen such lovely hair.

8. Making a shoe rack out of the seat.

9. You could have at least cleaned them.

10. Can’t help a tired soul, can ya?

11. Showing off those slim legs.

12. Get a room, people. Someone really needs to give them a free room.

13. “Let me just fold my legs then maybe I will be comfortable.”

14. Sleeping on it like it’s a couch.

15. Show them the goodies, woman. Like. Any. Other. Day.

16. What do you know about a selfie with pretty legs? Nothing? Me too.

17. What on Earth is that?!

18. Please wear a shirt, a towel or a handkerchief.

Source: wroops

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