19 Insanely Creative Food Arts That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Chances are that you’ve already heard that you eat with your eyes first. And if you are a parent you probably want your child to appreciate the beauty of food. There are many ways to get this right and have fun with it because creating food is an art, not just the way you fulfill a need. If you believe this, then you are probably reading this now to find some ideas that can keep you and your child busy in a productive way. Or maybe you just want a way to get those veggies eaten! So enjoy these fresh ideas, and try one yourself.

1. I’m not sure what these creatures are made from, but they look delicious.

2. I bet these take longer than it takes to actually make the food.

3. Oh no… What have you done to King Kong? You’ve made him… cute!

4. That’s one way to get your kid to eat a balanced dinner.

5. This is making me very hungry, and sad. Because my food won’t look as cute as this.

6. And here we have DJ Bunny entertaining the breakfast crowd.

7. Mom looks like Medusa, proceed carefully.

8. She’s doing her job too well, I’m sure the kids won’t eat because they’re attached to their food.

9. My mom wouldn’t even cut the crusts off of my sandwich.

10. I’m not sure what this is, but I’m sure its an important lesson about something.

11. Who lives in a pineapple on my plate? Spongebob Omelette-pants!

12. I can’t say I approve of Chewbacca’s new style.

13. Got a secret, can’t keep it? I’m sure this one you’ll keep…

14. In case you couldn’t tell, this is supposed to be Pinocchio.

15. Hmmm… The dinner book.

16. Whoever she’s feeding is eating like an amused king.

17. Whatever you had for lunch cannot compare.

18. You’d almost feel too bad about eating this… Almost…

19. It’s summertime and the food is fine.

Source: wroops

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