Fails but hilarious kitchen experience

Nothing is as deceiving as a recipe. Not even those icebergs that threatened the Titanic. I mean, that lasagna may look pretty in the pictures and the steps may sound so simple, anyone could do it but it couldn’t be further from the truth. That, however, was enough to fool you and now you’re as oblivious as the ship’s captain, heading towards a disaster. A kitchen disaster.

We collected some of the funniest examples of food expectations vs. reality to make you feel like an iron chef. After all, we all need some encouragement. From stained glass cookies that look like they’ve just committed suicide to a rice bear that is more mummy than bear, these dishes make you wonder if someone was brave enough to eat them. Scroll down to take a look why sometimes it’s better to simply order a pizza and vote for your funniest entries.

#1 Was Asked To Make Food Network’s Brown Sugar Pecan Bears

#2 Adorable Rice Bear

#3 Chocolate Hedgehog Cake

#4 It’s A Good Thing Cats Don’t Care About Cake

#5 My Wife Made Croissants For Breakfast. Nailed It!

#6 Not So Much ‘Arrrrah, How Cute’ And More ‘Arrrrraahhh What The F*** Is That?’

#7 Spongebob And Patrick Have Seen Things

#8 I’m No Cook But I Didn’t Expect To Screw Up A Baked Potato

#9 I Don’t Think This Project Could Have Been Saved

#10 So Close…

#11 I Made A Santa Shaped Bread From A Recipe I Found, It Turned Out A Bit Different From The Picture

#12 Elmo Fail

#13 Please Kill Me

#14 My Wife Made A Dragon Cake For Her Mother’s Birthday

#15 Blueberry-Splosion

#16 My Dad Said He’d Made Macarons. Expectation Vs. Reality. Still Tasted Divine Though

#17 Stained Glass Cookies

#18 Ordered Cake On Left, Received Cake On Right

#19 They Are Very Yummy Cupcakes That Are Decorated In A Scarier Than Intended Manner

#20 This Makes Me Laugh So Much Every Time I See It That Maybe It Was Worth The Fail


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