These pictures will put a smile across your face when you are tired

Sometimes we simply need to let our hair down. Here are twenty instances when human beings decided to not care at all.

1. A'int no sunshine this morning? Not for me and my dog

A man sits with his dog in the rain sipping on a beer despite the flooding. 

2. A flood, you say? My beers are more important

Man drinks beer despite being hip deep in water. 

3. Don't you dare, puny beast!

Cheetah playfully nibbles on man's toes. 

4. My crew is cooler than yours

Cat poses with owner wearing sunglasses. 

5. I'm going to take this vacation to a higher level!

Man rows a customized raft with a hammock. 

6. That should do it...

A pipe is laid across a railway with an ambitious bridge for protection. 

7. This kid will rule the world someday

An individual uses the escalator in a rather unconventional manner. 

8. Excuse me, I have a job interview in about 3 minutes

Image shows show polish marks beside a shoe-care rack in a store. 

9. Scientists have discovered a new species of 'Amazonian' reptile

A man fits himself inside a packaging box with the Amazon symbol. 

10. I could, but I'm a scrupulous criminal

A policeman checks the car while handing the suspect his weapons. 

11. Already living in 3018?

Gamer plays a console on his bed while a cat looks on. 

12. Ah! We've all been there...

A seemingly single girl clicks a selfie with two couples getting cosy in the background. 

13. Take my money!

A woman wears a dress with middle-finger symbols printed all across. 

14. Your friendly, neighborhood badass!

Man defies rules placing a balloon in front of a 'No Balloon' warning sign.

15. I can handle pressure in all situations

Image shows an individual reading a book underwater.

16. You don't wanna mess with me

An elderly man poses with a sword with his dog in his shirt while smoking a cigar. 

17. Congratulations, sire!

A man wears t-shirt which reads 'I pooped Today!'

18. It's summertime and that's how I keep my cool!

Man wears half a scooped watermelon on his head. 

19. And at that moment, he knew he f***ed up

Man clicks a photo of a basketball player while showing the middle finger. His gesture is captured on television. 

20. And not a single f*** was given that day...

Man casually walks past a wrecked vehicle while eating ice-cream. 

Source: thedailynet

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