8 Fast Food Fails That Will Make You Think Twice The Next Time You Want To Eat Out

There is nothing worse than going out to grab a quick bite to eat, then getting home and realizing that the kitchen staff at the restaurant totally screwed up. Now, what are you supposed to eat? It can be an infuriating experience for sure. Here are some of the worst fast food fails that we have ever seen. After seeing these you will probably want to just cook.

#1 That's just lazy.

I know most fast food workers get paid crap but they still get paid. Stuff like this is unacceptable. How hard is it to actually put a sandwich together the right way?

#2 That's unhealthy.

There is no worse feeling than biting into a sandwich and getting a mouth full of undercooked meat. That's just a lawsuit waiting to happen. Some workers are just that freaking lazy. At least cook it!

#3 Chicken selects huh?

This one isn't as bad as the first two. It's funnier than it is infuriating. I guess they ran out of chicken selects and substituted a chicken patty sliced in half in its place. I ain't even mad.

#4 I am sensing a trend.

I guess that proper sandwich construction was glossed over in training. I know that things are fast and furious in the kitchen of a fast food joint but come on.

#5 Tastes like cardboard.

Taco Bell is not exempt from fast food screw ups. Remember that the next time you want that super cheesy gordita crunch or whatever this is supposed to be.

#6 Is chicken really that hard to cook?

Here we go again with the undercooked meat. Do people not realize how dangerous that is? Especially chicken. Their incompetence could really end up hurting someone.

#7 Lots of Doritos Locos and not much else.

Talk about skimping on the meat. This taco is all shell and no filling. I would be mad as hell about that. What about you?

#8 I guess they just don't care.

The only excuse for this is that the person that made the burger just didn't care. Big Mac? Okay, I'll just throw the stuff in the box. What a jerk.

It's just not the food at a fast food place that will make you sick to the stomach.

Just check out the scene below lol.

Here are a few more horrible fast food fails to turn your stomach.


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