Female celebrities in police uniform and you wish to be sentenced to prison forever!

These Korean celebrities were widely known for their talent and pretty appearances. Have you ever seen them in police uniform? They must be one of the most beautiful police officers alive.

If they sentence you to prison, would you break out?

1. IU

"National's sister" IU IU also showed off the radiant beauty in the police uniform while attending the promotion ceremony for the honor police at the NPA, which was held to against school violence. Her pure and gentle look will probably make many fanboy voluntary handcuffed to see her.

2. Girls' Day

This was just a CF and Girl's Day have become sexy cops in the teaser for their "BHC Chicken" CF. Its 30 second was more than enough for fan to see their wonderful transformation in police officer uniform. 

3. Krystal (F(x))

Krystal impressed everyone with an energetic female police officer image, who makes everyone fascinated with her. If she really became a police officer, Krystal would probably be the most beautiful policewoman.

4. Suzy

Just appeared on a short advertise, Suzy also made many men get attracted by the cute appearance in police uniform. Her beautiful and adorable look would make all the criminals surrender in a second.


SNSD is one of the most famous 2nd gen idols and their chic looks in police uniform are really something! Luxury but strong power, almost noone can beat them.

6. Hani (EXID)

Just like IU, Hani was chosen to be Incheon police in 2015. Her fresh, beautiful image when she appeared made many people praised If she really became a police officer, there will probably be many men applying for the Police.

7. Jung Hwa (EXID) 

EXID's maknae Junghwa also draw attention to her police uniform image in a music video. Do you wish to see her at the police station?

8. Cosmic Girls

The Cosmic Girls are all shining with this police outfit. Are you fascinated by these images?

Beautiful Chang Xiao in police uniform

Eun Seo...

... and Seola also look so pretty 

9. JungYeon (Twice)

No handcuffs needed, the most beautiful and lovely police officer Jungyeon will lock your heart by her cuteness and attraction.


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