Guy creates the best photos with his dog after wife leaves him

What happens when you undergo a breakup? For some people, it unleashes their creativity and this man turned his heartbreak into a kickass photo series.

Rafael Mantesso's wife left him with nothing but his pitbull Jimmy. While others in his place may have lashed out at their ex and may have gone on social media to rant about how sad they are or how brutal their breakup was, Rafael set out on a mission. He made Jimmy his muse and created a photo series which is simply incredible. Take a look.

#1 Rafael and Jimmy

#2 Jimmy, the power-bull!

#3 The fairy kissed dog!

#4 In the shower

#5 Jimmy (Hendrix)!

#6 Out the cannon!

#7 Jimmy visits the barber

#8 Jimmy Moo!

#9 Jimmy Bee!

#10 Kiss!

#11 The butterfly

#12 Jimmy leaks

#13 Jimmy, the stag!

#14 Jimmy plays!

#15 Jimmy has a big heart

#16 They dream together

Source: thedailynet

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