An Interesting Fantasy: Anthony Joshua Calls a 2018 Boxing Match with Tyson Fury

Yes! If you are a boxing-lover, and a health freak for whom the websites like Dealslands means a lot where you can get all kind of gym equipment, health-supplements etc. at an affordable rate then this is an extremely interesting piece of news for you.

Do you want to know what?

Well, apart from the fact that Tyson Fury is going to re-enter to the gym after being inactive for two years, Anthony Joshua being a unified titleholder referred a heavyweight summit between the two in 2018 as a ‘fantasy’ rather than a reality.

Joshua told to Britain’s The Daily Mail on Sunday that the current weight of Fur was a major concern. Moreover, Joshua is rumored to be on the verge of signing up for a spring unification against Joshua Parker who is the champion of WBO.

Joshua said, “ That’s more a fantasy at that moment”. He further added that it’s just that he is not healthy and he hasn’t had enough fight. The ball is in his court now. According to him, it is quite clear that they’ve stayed consistent, they’ve defended the titles that they’ve won, and captured more titles even.

It seems like if Fury was still fit then they would probably be talking about Fury for March. He said that it’s not him and he is certainly consistent about fighting against anyone.

Fury has vacated the belts in 2016 for focusing on mental health and drug issues which were followed by a pair of failed tests. Also, he ballooned in weight from the career-low 246 pounds while he came in at against Klitschko.

When Fury heard about Joshua’s comments then he instantly took to Twitter and challenged him out openly. Moreover, Fury, who is 29 now, also reiterated earlier comments that he would be all ready to face Joshua after the comeback of April against an opponent who is not yet named even.

Although in the absence of Fury, the 28-year-old Joshua has grown to be the biggest star in the sport. But, despite Joshua is holding the IBF and WBA titles, Fury is still the lineal champion of the division for having dethroned Klitschko and then never losing anymore. He also further represents the largest payday available to Joshua, all the credits go to the colorful gift of self-marketing of Fury.

Joshua informed to Sunday that he would definitely be interested in closing out 2018 with some unification battles against Parker and WBC Champion Deontay Wilder. But, what is still left unknown is that whether those comments were potential enough in motivating Fury into a quicker return while considering that Joshua spent a major part of the last year analyzing why a wilder bout would be portrayed in a great way for 2019 because of some of the financial realities which definitely include a rewarding Fury fight.


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