25 interesting coincidences that happen to people

Here are 25 photos where chance or a lucky moment was captured on camera!

Coincidence, chance or destiny… Call it what you like, but we’ve all found ourselves in situations that have made us look or think twice. Sometimes it’s funny, other times it can really freak us out and make us wonder if something else is at work!

What about you? Have you ever been in a situation where you wondered if it was by coincidence or rather a matter of destiny? Share your stories and comments with us below!

1. This lady posted this photo on Snapchat. The guy in the photo found it and sent her this by return!

2. Not just one, but 3 doppelgangers!

3. When you find a DVD of Twister just after a tornado…

4. A chicken-shaped nugget!

5. When your leggings perfectly match the waiting room chairs

6. Great photo opportunity! A couple went to a festival and bumped into a couple they didn’t know, but who were wearing the same outfits.

7. This lady bought some party hats for her daughter’s birthday and when she opened the packet found that they matched her sweater.

8. A cat ‘wearing’ a cat!

9. When you find yourself blending into the bus seat…

10. A tired seagull decides to take a well-earned rest

11. This person comes from Florida and found this Florida-shaped piece of ice

12. When your order number and your receipt amount match!

13. These complete strangers rocked up at the airport wearing exactly the same outfit!

14. When your chewing gum matches your nails

15. Oh the irony!

16. The spots on these puppies’ backs match the order in which they were born!

17. When an Italian ice cream orders an Italian ice cream

18. Freaky… Maybe the Matrix does exist?

19. When your grocery bill comes to $123.45!

20. This lady threw away a ball with her number on, asking that if a cute guy found it, they give her a call. 6 years later a guy replied by text!

21. Could it really be her?!

22. When air bubbles form a cute little paw print!

23. Yes, they’re complete strangers and no, this isn’t Photoshopped!

24. Individual bird houses…

25. This girl got a text from her best female friend at the same time as one from her best male friend… They had a crush on each other and didn’t know what to do…


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