Toddler Suffers From A Rare Medical Condition And Can Only Survive On Fresh Peaches

Micah Mason, a young Canadian boy is suffering from an extremely rare food allergy which limits the child to eating only fresh peaches. Even if the toddler drinks milk, his stomach reacts to it violently causing him to go through severe vomiting, diarrhea and hypovolemic shock.

#1 Suffering From A Rare Medical Condition

This little boy in Canada has a very rare health condition and because of it, the kid's entire life revolves around peaches and that too only fresh one. Reportedly, Micah Masson was diagnosed with food-protein induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES), a food allergy, when he was just six months old.

The distressed mom Caroline Masson says, "I don’t think I have seen Micah have a day where something is not affecting him in some way or another."

#2 Poor Kid Can Eat Nothing Without Vomiting It Out

Mom further added, "Since day one in the hospital, he had very bad food reactions even through my milk." The poor kid can literally eat nothing without having a severe allergic reaction in his stomach.

Mom horrifyingly recalls, "The first solid food we trialled was banana. He proceeded to vomit four hours later, six times in a row and pass out, pale and almost blue."

#3 Micah Suffers From A Rare Genetic Disorder Too

As if the pain of going through a lie threatening allergy is not enough, the toddler is also born with DiGeorge syndrome, an immunodeficiency, as well as 15Q13.3 micro-duplication, a rare genetic condition.

Eating anything that is not accepted by Micah's body results in severe vomiting, diarrhea and hypovolemic shock. Mom heartbreakingly says, the first time her child went into shock, she did not even know who to ask for help and when she contacted the emergency, even they were clueless about FPIES. Micah's parents helplessly held their baby throughout the night not knowing what to do, "The first time I saw him go into shock from a reaction, I didn’t even know how to help him. I called 911 and they didn’t know what FPIES was. So, we just held our baby boy and cried with him throughout the night."

#4 Micah Can Survive Only On Fresh Peaches

For now, Micah can only eat fresh peaches. Adding more to the problem, Micah can’t eat frozen, canned, or dried peaches, since they typically contain additives that the baby boy’s body can’t digest properly. Mom says they live in a state where finding fresh peaches throughout the year is very difficult, "Living in Quebec, let’s just say peaches are very hard to find off-season. We are buying peaches in bulk and are running out of funds to do so, as we also have to pay for his complex medical needs."

The young child has to meet 9 different specialists every month to make sure he is meeting all his dietry nutritions.

#5 Micah's Parents Lives Revolve Around Making Sure Their Little One Survives Each Day

Micah's parent says their life revolves around making sure that their boy is happy, Life revolves around making sure he is the happiest little boy he can be — and for that, we need to be able to provide him peaches every day. We are in the process of trialling rabbit broth. It seems to be going well, but after two weeks, he is only getting about 1/2 teaspoon worth a day. Not much."

Thankfully there is a special formula to which the toddler is responding positively and the Medicare has agreed to pay for it through 2018. Micah's mom says that seeing her baby go through the unbearable pain of taking an allergic food is her worst nightmare but ultimately the family has no other option, "To challenge dairy would mean that we are hospitalized yet again for over 24 hours and watch my baby vomit non-stop and go limp in my arms because that is one of his biggest trigger foods. Don’t get me wrong, if that is the only way to get him his formula, we know we have no choice, but who wants to watch their child suffer like that?"


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