Top 8 PS2 Game I Want to See Return on PS4 Classics

In the age of remakes and remasters, not all of our favourites will get that level of love and attention, which makes some games the perfect candidates to join the PS4’s PS2 Classics library. As always with this kind of list, all games are subjective and also, I have kinda cheated a little by suggesting more than one game in a series for a single mention. Naturally, I can’t mention every game in a list of 8(ish), so sound out the games you want to see in the PS2 Classic library in the comments section.

Project Zero, Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly and Project Zero III: The Tormented (2001-2005)

If you live in the US or have just made a US account, you can download the first three Project Zero (or Fatal Frame as they’re known in the US) titles to your PS3. However, there will be many that have not played these creepy ass Japanese survival horror games on PS2, but there are probably even more of us that have never played these on PS2 classics on PS3 due to being regional exclusives. So what better way than to bring these games to the PS4 via PS2 Classics for us all to enjoy with added Trophy support. These games creeped me out like no other back in the day and I’d love to replay them once more in glorious 1080p.

Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 (2001-2003)

Speaking of creepy as games, perhaps none were more so sinister and twisted then the Silent Hill series. You can of course play these on PS3 via the HD Classics Collection, but having two of the best survival horror games of all-time come to the PS2 Classics would surely be a welcomed addition to fans that want to venture back into the demonic world of Silent Hill.

Resident Evil Outbreak File 1 and 2 (2003-2005)

The Resident Evil Outbreak series were by no means the best in the long-running franchise, but when the first game released between 2003-2004, it was perhaps ahead of its time offering online co-op play with up to four players, playing through a series of mini-campaign missions for each of the characters. Unfortunately, while the US and Japan got to play the original Outbreak online, this feature was not available in Europe. Us Europeans could still play the campaign missions with AI assuming control of the other characters, but it still wasn’t the same knowing that this game could be experienced with online co-op. Thankfully this issue was resolved for all with Outbreak File 2, but I would love it if this two-part series was brought to the PS2 Classics with full online support on the PS4.

WWF Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain (2003)

The PS2 was truly blessed with some great WWF games back in the day (before it was WWE of course) with the Smackdown and Smackdown vs. Raw series. However, my favourite entry has to be WWF Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain from 2003. Not only did it bring us the fast and frantic gameplay that this series was known for, as well as superb visuals for its time, it also brought several firsts for any WWF/WWE games. It brought us body damage displays, submission meters for both the player in the hold and the one performing the hold, individual character statistics for strength, speed and endurance. It also introduced the Elimination Chamber for the first time and Bra and Pantie matches (though the less said about that, the better). We even got legendary wrestlers such as Hawk and Animal (The Legion of Doom), Roddy Piper, The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, classic Undertaker and more. Oh and it had an awesome singleplayer campaign too! I doubt it will ever happen, but it would be great to see this title join the PS2 Classics family.

Medal of Honor: Frontline (2002)

While Medal of Honor: Frontline wasn’t the first in the series on the PlayStation console, it was the debut for that franchise on the PS2 and for me, cemented by love for the World War shooter. From the moment we landing on Omaha beach during the Normandy Landings on D-Day, we knew that we would be in for a memorable experience that players would not forget. This experience was enriched furthermore, not only by the games gripping storyline, but its sublime soundtrack too. Yes, we can play this game on PS3 in HD already, but many of us no longer owns the console and for that reason, I’d love the opportunity to experience this fantastic game again on PS4. Or if you want EA, you could just give us a new Medal of Honor?

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Video game movie tie-ins historically never portray all that well, but there are some exceptions to that rule, one being Spider-Man 2, based upon the Tobey Maguire movie franchise. This game made us feel like we were Peter Parker himself, offering fluid combat, a rich array of enemies that never featured in the sequel movie such as Rhino and Shocker, as well as of course Doc Ock that featured in the movie counterpart. But perhaps what players remember more, was the superb web-slinging gameplay that allowed us to explore Manhattan so freely with added side-quests to coincide with the main campaign. Spider-Man 2 will go do as one of the best movie tie-ins of all-time and would be a worthy addition to the PS2 Classics library.

God of War 1 and 2 (2005-2007)

Yes again, I know that you can also get this via a HD remaster on previous gen, but who wouldn’t want to experience these gruesome acts of rage delivered by the God Killer himself Kratos, not to mention that the first two games are arguably the series best. We’ve already got God of War 3 remastered on PS4, so I find it strange that the first two games have been ignored for a glorious remaster in this generation and what better way to get us ready for Kratos’ newest outing in 2018, then experiencing the original God of War Trilogy again on PS4. Sony, please make this happen.

Star Wars Battlefront II (2005)

Even today, Star Wars Battlefront II from 2005 has a loyal and devoted following and it’s easy to see why. It brought a narrative campaign from the perspective of an Imperial Stormtrooper, introduced a wealth of new vehicles from the movie franchise, new characters, maps, modes and more, everything you would ever want from a well-made sequel. While the online player base wasn’t as vibrant as consoles are today, as long as you had a decent internet connection back in the day, Battlefront II offered an awesome online experience for its time. In the sequel it also brought back the popular Galactic Conquests mode inspired by the board game Risk, where players commanded fleets to conquer the galaxy how they saw fit! Even better on the console versions, Galactic Conquest had split-screen co-op play. With online support, the original Star Wars Battlefront II coming to PS2 Classics would please much of its loyal following and would certainly ease EA’s disturbance in the force.

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