IU’s Relationship With Her Giant Bodyguard

He’s literally a giant.

IU and her bodyguard, Mr. Park, have had an amazing Uncle-Niece style relationship for nearly 6 years now.. and it’s impossible not to find them adorable!

Fans started loving IU’s bodyguard so much, they became his fans too!

Mr. Park has been her bodyguard since 2011, but started to become famous after fans started noticing him in 2012.

The two are super comfortable with each other and Mr. Park has no problem doing anything to make sure she’s safe.

And in every photo of IU, Mr. Park can be seen towering over her and protecting her from pretty much everything!

IU’s often spotted laughing and talking with him like close friends, even teasing each other with fun pranks.

He’s also nearly 8 inches taller than IU.. which means she has to tippy-toe just to talk to him!

Not only does Mr. Park protect her, he’s there for IU whenever she needs him to be.

When IU needs to be lifted off stage..

When IU needs someone to hold her soju..

When IU needs a blanket to cover up herself..

When IU needs a mic handed to her..

And even when IU loses her voice but still wants to talk to her fans!

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