NEW PUBG PC Patch fixes long-range hits and in-game lobby crash

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has proven to be one of the biggest titles of 2017 and coming into 2018, we know that more great things are coming to the ones that have loyal to the franchise.

Even as we speak, PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds has over 2 million concurrent player count, and comparing it to the 704k achieved by DOTA 2 in second just solidifies the game’s position right now as a global franchise.

The game broke the esteemed and popular DOTA 2’s previous high of 1,291,328 users back in September while still in Early Access nevertheless, and since then has shown no signs of slowing down its reach to new PC and Xbox One gamers.

An announcement was made on Twitter regarding the game’s latest patch update that is subjected to fix the long-range registration and client crashes within the game’s lobby. The first post-launch patch was released last week following the battle royale title’s transition to version 1.0, that focused on fixing lag and rubber-banding issues.

The Tweet also announced that the latest update is live and ready to be downloaded.

Given the enormous number of players PUBG has and continues to attract, it was only last week that it hit three million concurrent player milestone. Compared to the PC version, The Xbox One release wasn’t in the smooth sails but we’re expecting fixes and updates to that as well.

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Within the patch notes tied to last week’s update does it say that PUBG Corp will continue to “work on analyzing and fixing any remaining issues every day.”

The Breakout game of the year shows a lot of promise this year. PS4 fans have to wait a little longer for the game to release on the platform but surely, it’s on its way.

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