24 Hilarious Instances that People will Never Forget in their Lifetime

Let’s say you hang out with your friends just to chill, have a good time, and share some moments. You start telling stories of your embarrassing past, those memories which you will never forget, the ones that become the ultimate party story that everyone always laughs after hearing them. It can be a messy mistake, accidents or even pranks. And no matter how bad it was at the time it happened, it is as much fun to remember those times and laugh about them. They are the unforgettable stories that will always remain fresh and warm in our minds and hearts.

So, to take you down memory lane, here are some moments shared by people on the internet that fit the category like a sock. Enjoy!

1. Just watch the video, there is a surprise.

2. Divorces deserve the same as marriages do.

3. The gym is that one place where jealousy is in bulk.

4. If that were my chip I would note it down on my calendar too.

5. The doctor sure knows how to treat his patients.

6. This bird will be forever cursed.

7. Just wondering what the hell did Dennis do in that bar.

8. This cup of coffee is gonna stay in mind forever.

9. That is not a very peaceful view.

10. Okay, the consequences are visible enough, so no explanation needed.

11. The owner of the car was simply asking for it, who parks like that anyway?

12. Oh Diego, you just messed up pretty bad!

13. The only thing he’ll remember is his dedicated friends.

14. Drove through a wall and into the pool, nothing much!

15. Okay, enough Internet for today!

16. Now that’s what a future President looks like.

17. Poor guy, this is going to stick for a while.

18. Well, it did say ‘Shrimp’. No plural there!

19. Finally, the car and its keys have reunited.

20. How bad was it that he had to clean the floor while it was raining.

21. Someone totally cheated and their partner went crazy.

22. A woman’s purse is the most unpredictable object.

23. Not scared at all, trimming nose hair and driving.

24. That’s gonna leave a mark, maybe some stitches too.

25. “Jesus has committed the sin of not swiping right!”

26. Tall girls’ problems.

Source: wroops

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