Rob Mooberry Celebrating 5 Years Of Cancer Free Life, Beats Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer By Becoming Vegan

Rob Mooberry, now a father of two children opens up to the world about his fight with cancer and how he won it. Mooberry is celebrating 5 years of cancer free life with his family, when asked about his secret, he said, "I’m not standing on a soapbox saying everyone needs to go plant-based and vegan. But if you’re going to ask me what worked for me, I’ll tell you: this diet."

Suffering From Colorectal Cancer

Rob Mooberry, 43 was hospitalized in the hospital in July 2012 for a perforated colon. However, what the father two didn't know was that what appeared as a simple injury was not so simple and after getting his scans, doctors revealed to Mooberry that he was suffering from stage four colorectal cancer which had spread to his liver, lymph nodes and bowel.

Amanda Stayed

Devastated by the truth, Mooberry's world turned upside down overnight. According to him, he was shocked as no one in his family has ever suffered from cancer and has always lived a healthy life. Doctors told Mooberry that cancer has been doing damage to his body for more than two years. The symptoms of blood in stool, change in bowel movements and stomach cramps were not due to Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS) instead it was cancer that was causing damage to his body. "It was very painful. I went to the ER and that’s when I became an in-patient – they found it spread all around."

Going through hard times, according to Mooberry the one person who stood by side was his now wife Amanda, "Amanda came into the hospital, the doctor took her to one side and said basically that there was about an eight percent chance I would live… I couldn’t believe it. I was always a healthy person, I didn’t expect it. She was so upset; my family was so upset. The doctors weren’t really telling me all of this but I knew it was serious, I thought I was going to die… But Amanda stuck with me. She could have left me, but she stayed. That’s when you know love is true."

8% Chances Of Recovery

Doctors clearly told Amanda that the path of recovery ahead for Mooberry was not an easy one and included colostomy bag followed by an ileostomy, radiation therapy and two bouts of chemotherapy. Even then he has only 8% chances of recovery.

Going Thorugh Medical Treatment

Following doctors advice, Mooberry went through the necessary treatment including chemotherapy. This downgraded his cancer to stage 3A. Knowing the damages the chemicals were doing to his body, Mooberry knew has to find some alternative path. So following his medical treatment he started his vegetarian diet. He says, "I just wanted to be as healthy as possible. It wasn’t hard either, seeing as Amanda has always been vegetarian. At first, I wasn’t all raw vegan, it was just vegetarian.To be honest, it was easier for us to just cook one meal rather than two, so being plant-based was straightforward."

Starting Vegan Diet

Mooberry was told by his doctors, to start his treatment soon to avoid cancer from spreading to other body parts. But Mooberry knew his body won't be able to handle more chemicals so he made a decision, "It was horrible. I had to take time off work, I had no energy, I felt sick. That kind of medicine puts so many chemicals in your body… I needed to heal. That’s when I knew I needed to do anything to beat this cancer. I was really willing to try anything to save my life. That’s when I went hardcore raw, vegan, superfoods."

Miracle Has Happened

Desperate to survive Mooberry continued eating a vegan diet and cut down all sort of sugar from his diet including red meat and dairy products. Half a year later, Mooberry went for a CT scan to the hospital and what doctors told him was a complete miracle. According to reports, his cancer has downgraded to 80% and by 2014 there was absolutely no trace of cancer.

5 Years Of Cancer-Free Life

Now Mooberry is celebrating 5 years of cancer free life with his wife Amanda and his beautiful twins. Alongside his bartending job, he also runs a small non-profit cancer charity "Moo Casa Moo Foundation," the foundation raises money for the individuals and families that are struggling financially before and after cancer.


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