10+ Photos Of Unfair Life

When we are young idealistic kids, we have the notion (who knows from where) that life is fair and looks out for us. Somewhere along the line, reality hits and we learn the cold hard truth. Life is just the opposite and can be incredibly unfair. There is a phase of transition where you’ll want things to be different or even try to make them different, but life is tenacious and will beat you down eventually. On the bright side it’s hilarious to watch life deal a sour hand to others, so let’s have a laugh together.

1. Doesn’t it just make you so angry?

2. What even is life?

3. Does it get any worse than this?

4. Guess it does.

5. Have a break, have a Kit Kat. Or not.

6. Don’t be too surprised.

7. Happens every time!

8. I want my money back.

9. At 7.

10. A visual representation of life being unfair.

11. I thought so.

12. Just a regular day at life.

13. Follow the instructions.

14. When you’re trying to connect.

15. This pan is a failure at life.

16. Can we just take a moment here?

17. What even?

18. I’d rather not eat ketchup.

19. What was she looking for?

20. It just leaves us wondering.

Source: happiestbee

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