Their sense of humor probably drives their kids insane.

Do you have children? Is your parent humorous?

Parenting is the toughest job in the world, but it doesn’t always have to be hard – in fact, the hilarious parents in this list seem to have a pretty good time doing it. Sure, their sense of humor probably drives their kids insane, but they’ll learn some sort of lesson out of it… right?

#1 Friend Went To Disney World And Posted This Pic. His Parents Responded

#2 What I Love About My Parents Is That After 41 Years Of Marriage, They Still Know How To Embarrass Their Kids

#3 My Son Wanted “Cold Hard Cash” For His Birthday

#4 My Dad Said My Dog Took Over My Room After I Left For College. He Sent Me This…

#5 Parents Used To Tell My Brother And I That We Had Another Brother Who Turned Into A Mushroom From Not Taking A Bath. Even Added Him To The Family Albums

#6 Parenting Tip

#7 There’s An Escaped Murderer Near Where I Live, So I Texted My Parents To See If They Are Ok. Their Response:

#8 My Friend’s Dad Just Posted This On Fb With The Caption “Twins!”

#9 So My Parents Thought This Would Be Funny This Christmas

#10 Parents Sent Me A Selfie… In The Mail

#11 Found At My Parents. Should I Laugh Or Cry?

#12 My Boyfriend Moved Out Of His Parents’ House Last Year. He’s Been Replaced Already

#13 I Got A Kick Out Of My Friend’s Dad Making Fun Of Him On Facebook

#14 Million Likes

#15 Parenting Level: Expert

#16 Just Me At 12, Taking A Road Trip With My Parents And Apparently Their Sense Of Humor

#17 Her Excuse Was She Didn’t Have Any Other Picture Frames. Thanks Mom

#18 The Mom Who Found Her Son’s ‘Vase’

#19 I Asked My Dad For $10 For Gas, He Said “Sure, It’s In The Top Left Drawer Of My Computer Desk”

#20 My Parents’ 18th Birthday Cake To Me


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