This 248-Square-Foot Home Fits 5 Different Rooms

At just 24-feet long, the Lilypad is one of the most unique and impressive tiny homes we’ve ever seen.

Located in Lyons, Colorado, the Lilypad is situated at WeeCasa, the world’s largest tiny house resort.

The exterior of the home features gorgeous cedar siding and a clever half-moon design, allowing it to fit in the smallest of spaces. From the outside, it might look like your standard tiny home, but inside, it’s absolutely jaw-dropping.

Inside, the 248-square-foot home is surprisingly spacious, perfectly decorated with an eclectic bohemian touch.

Due to the home’s unique architecture, the large wall provides for a heater and large decorative mirror. A view to the left shows the kitchen, bathroom, and staircase leading up to the home’s sleeping loft (there is a living room loft on the opposite side).

Looking the opposite direction, you can truly appreciate the tall-ceilings and openness in the Lilypad.

Unlike most tiny homes, the Lilypad has, not one, but two beautifully handcrafted staircases. It almost has the look of a grand double staircase that you’d find in large traditional homes. Not only do the staircases provide easy access to the two lofts, but they allow for lots of storage underneath.

Upstairs to the sleeping loft and ‘aura room,’ the downward slope of the roof provides lots of headroom.

The owner of the Lilypad loves stargazing and birdwatching, so a strategically placed skylight was placed right above the bed. She has also created a clever curtain to cover the skylight if she wants to block out the morning sunlight to sleep in for a bit.

If you noticed the small door near the entrance, behind it – you’ll find a tiny office.

Behind the small, orange door is a brightly colored office that can be closed off for some privacy from any guests or the meowing kitty. Believe it or not, there is also closet space hidden behind the vivid and metallic patterned curtain.

Situated underneath the main sleeping loft is the well-thought out and beautifully designed bathroom.

Lilypad Planet Source: Lilypad Planet

The bathroom boasts a copper sink on a one-of-a-kind wood stand with a gorgeous mirror with handpainted frame hung above. There is also a composting toilet for eco-friendly living and cubbies for plenty of storage.

If the Lilypad hasn’t made you swoon already, just wait until you see the shower and tub.

Unbelievably, the Lilypad has a lovely bathtub and shower with subway tile. Tubs are not a luxury that you often see in tiny homes – especially ones that are under 250-square-feet. Every inch of space is efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Even the kitchen in this glorious home is larger than many standard apartments.

The kitchen has lots of counter space and plenty of drawers and cabinets for storage. There is a two-burner cooking unit, fridge, and sink. At the far end of the kitchen, near the front door, is the gas heater that keeps the home warm.

The ‘dining room’ can instantly appear by pulling out a table hidden under the stairs.

This clever design is the ultimate space-saver. Folding chairs with etched designs can easily collapse to be stored away when not in use. There really hasn’t been one detail that hasn’t been thought-out in the Lilypad.

Want to know more? Check out the FAQs and video tour below.

What is the decor style?

“My interior colors center around jewel and earthy tones such as deep purple, saffron spice, emerald and other bold hues. My decorative sari fabrics, cushions, lanterns, mandala art, carved wood accent pieces plus copper embellishments provide an exotic Moroccan style any bohemian would fancy. Within my four walls is a sweet and soothing sanctuary!”

How tall are the ceilings?

“My height is 13 ft from the ground to the tallest point on my tall wall side.”

“Tall wall (back of house): 11 ft
Short wall (front of house, entry): 8 ft 2 inches
Queen Bed loft: 5 ft 5 inches
Double Bed loft: 4 ft 5 inches
Double Bed Private Room (downstairs): 5 ft 2 inches
Bathroom: 6 ft 2 inches”

How can you get started building your own tiny house?

“Listings of tiny house builders nationwide and additional resources are available here.”

Take a full walk-through tour of the absolutely stunning Lilypad below.

Source: homehacks

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