25 cats who don’t want to take selfies with their owners

Cats don’t own smartphones, mainly because touch screens aren’t easy to use when you have paws. But if they did they’d probably use them to crank call dogs, ignore calls from their humans, and Google the best strategies for world domination. What they wouldn’t use them for is taking selfies, because as you can see from this list of photo (un)friendly felines, cats hate selfies. Some will simply refuse to smile, others will freak out, and more than a few are likely to attack you if you try to snap a picture of them. Scroll down for the proof, and remember, animals aren’t toys, so don’t force them to do anything that might make them uncomfortable.

#1 Smile For The Camera

#2 My Sister’s Cat Is Not In The Mood For A Selfie

#3 Let’s Take A Selfie

#4 Even Cats Hate Selfies

#5 No!

#6 My Friend Tried To Take A Cute Cat Photo… Tried

#7 Taking Photos Of My New Lipstick Today

#8 Trying To Take X-Mas Eve Pics With The Cat

#9 “You Can Stop Now”

#10 I Attempted To Make A Friend Today. No Luck

#11 I Took A Selfie With My Cat

#12 When You Catch Someone Taking Your Photo

#13 I Hate You All

#14 “Why Are You Like This?”

#15 My Cat Hates Taking Selfies With Me

#16 After Being Away For Six Months, You’d Think He Would Be A Little More Willing To Take A Selfie With Me

#17 He Hates Camera

#18 I Was Told There Would Be Ducks. Not Duck Faces

#19 No Photos Please

#20 Taking A Selfie With My Derpface Human


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