20+ Genius Pun Costumes That Will Make You Look Twice To Understand

Everyone can cosplay, but just a handful can cosplay well. Those who steal comic cons and other shows are the ones who make their own costumes, but even they usually only 'borrow' the appearance of a character. A few, however, create their own personalities, and this time  Bored Panda has decided to focus on the ones that used humor - more specifically, puns - to come up with new, original ideas for their cosplay.

From Jon Snow White to Taco Belle, some of these pun-tastic costumes are clever pop culture mashups while others could be considered as witty wordplay. But don't be sad if you take a while to figure out what an outfit represents, you'll get there eventually. Scroll down to check out the amusing list, vote for your favorite, and share your thoughts in the comments!

#1 Meet My Sister's Coworker, Jon Snow White!

#2 GandAlf

#3 My Costume Came In 2nd Place "Zombee"

#4 Black Pink Panther

#5 French Kiss

#6 I Dressed As Amazon Prime And Won My Office Halloween Costume Contest

#7 Taco Belle

#8 The Blue Screen Of Death

#9 Sailor Mercury

#10 The Atoms Family

#11 I Decided To Get A Little Creative This Year. I Present Edgar Allan Ho

#12 My Friend Went As The Internet Explorer For Halloween

#13 Halo Kitty

#14 Just A Pair Of Nun Chucks

#15 She Said I Should Dress-Up Like Homer

#16 Took A While For Anyone To Figure Out What I Was In My Costume. I Was A Chick Magnet

#17 Dress Up Like "Dominoes" They Said

#18 Ice Ice Baby

#19 I'm Black Friday The 13th

#20 Iron Man, Of Starch Enterprises

#21 My Mail Order Bride Costume

#22 Ginger Bread Man

#23 Alice In Chainz

#24 Doctor Stranger Things

#25 50 Shades Of Grey

#26 Popeye The Sailor Moon

#27 Netflix And Chill

#28 Han Solo Cup

#29 We Dressed Up As Universal Healthcare For Halloween

#30 Move Over Westboro: This Years Costume Is Lactose Intolerance

#31 Mom And Dad Before Their Halloween Party. He's A Dill Pickle. She's A Female Deer. Together They're A "Dill-Doe." And Also My Heroes

#32 Garth Vader & Obi-Wayne Kenobi

#33 Spice Girls

#34 Were-Waldo

#35 Just Some Potheads

#36 Ash Wednesday

#37 Tardimus Prime Or Optimus Time

#38 Formal Apology

#39 The Black Eyed Peas

#40 Lego Star Wars

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