The 20 people felt betrayed by the retailer

We’ve all had times when we may have bought some compulsively in a store only to later regret it, but if you really want to understand the word ‘disappointment’, then take a browse through this list.

If one thing’s for sure, these 20 people will probably never make the same mistake again! What about you? Have you ever felt betrayed by retailers or ordered something without full checking out the description? Share your stories with us below!

1. When a cuddly giant teddy bear turns out to be a mutant

2. When a bull is actually a hippo…

3. And this looked so fun in the photo!

4. We guess practice makes perfect…

5. When it doesn’t look anything like the photo on the packet

6. Always check out the size description if you’re tempted to buy a rug!

7. Give the gift of thanks…

8. When the skirt you ordered is actually girl-sized

9. Never ever buy formal wear or wedding dresses online!

10. Why is it that packaged food never looks like the photo?

11. And to think they probably spent a fortune hiring this place for their vacation…

12. Because it always looks easier in the photo

13. The worst cake fail in the history of baking!

14. The Instagram photo vs your first attempt

15. What not to order next time you fancy a McDonald’s!

16.When the cozy throw you ordered arrives in ‘kit’ form…

17. And it looks so mouth-wateringly delicious in the photo…

18. Time to find another florist…

19. She should ask for a refund!

20. Just because a bakery says they do customized cakes, it doesn’t mean they’ll look good (or even be edible!).

We all love a bit of retail therapy and buying online has taken the shopping world by storm! We can order and pay from the comfort of our sofa, often get really good deals and then just sit back and wait for our parcels to arrive. But that’s when things can get tricky… And if there’s one piece of advice we can give you, whether you’re buying online or not, it’s to read the small print or you could end up bitterly disappointed!


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