5 lipstick colors are popular among Korean female stars

Let's see the five most popular lip colors that Korean female stars loved in 2016

In the past year, women in many Asian countries seem to change their lipstick color regularly. Instead of loving the sweet color, as before, they have a tendency "to fall in love" with other colors like nude, oranges brown... But in Korea which is considered as the symbol of Asian beauty, female stars are still most loyal to the gentle and feminine lipstick color. Let's see the five most popular lipstick colors that Korean female stars are fond of in 2016.

1. Light orange

Orange is a light pink color that is the most selected Korean female stars in the past year.Park Shin Hye, Suzy Yoona, Jessica are idols who are keen on this lip color. They often wear it whenever going to the big events. In addition, instead of following the trendy, these women are big fan of lip gloss.

2. Pink coral lips

A warm and feminine pink coral lips that not only match Asian skin, but also creates a "radiant beauty". This is the lipstick that HyunA, Irene, Seolhyun,.. are fond of, making them pure and fresh.

3. Dry rose

This lip color will never out of fashion in Korea. This lipstick may just be "hot"after oranges lipstick and became the faithful of many female stars. Most Korean female stars have white skin, so they easily conquer this lip color.

4. Red rose

This is one of the most popular lipstick color chosen among Korean stars last year. Owning a nature and pure beauty, this lipstick color makes them more prominent and impressive

5. Pink fuchsia

Pink fuchsia is one of the "hot" lip color. Now, this lip colors is still the favorite color of many Korean female stars, especially Irene (Red Velvet) and Sulli.



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