30+ Of The Most Hilarious Moments In Mannequin History Ever

Mannequins lead terrible lives. Every day, they stand in the same place, posing the same way. Ruthless retail employees even detach their limbs and strip them naked on a regular basis, too. Naturally, these poor creatures seek new experiences, adventures that would brighten up their dull days.  Bored Panda has collected some of the funniest times when mannequins escaped the norm, proving shopping can still be fun.

Wearing a baguette instead of a hat? Check. Rocking out to store music? Double check. These mannequins showed their 'personalities,' instantly becoming internet-famous. Scroll down to check out the plastic celebrities of the fashion industry and upvote your favorites!

#1 When The Clothes Shop Has Your Size

#2 Thank God There Are Other People Like Me Out There

#3 Mannequins In Japan

#4 Every Morning On My Way To Work, I Feel A Deep Spiritual Connection With This Mannequin

#5 Kid Got Hungry

#6 Finally Some Realistic Expectations

#7 My Friend Looks Exactly Like These Mannequins

#8 I Don't Know... Just Make Them Look French

#9 Parenting Level... 2.5?

#10 When Your Parents Would Make You Show Them The Clothes You Just Tried On...

#11 Went To Romania Recently, These Mannequins Gave Me Nightmares

#12 These Ornaments Make Store Mannequins Look Like Sims

#13 Yet Another Unrealistic Standard For Women

#14 This Dress Blew Her Mind

#15 But I Don't Wanna Be A Mannequin!

#16 Cheer Up, Mannequin, It's Supposed To Be The Best Day Of Your Life

#17 This Rather Enthusiastic Mannequin

#18 I Don't Trust This Mannequin

#19 This Clothing Display

#20 Not Your Average Mannequin

#21 Shadow Gives This Mannequin A Fablulous Moustache

#22 Target's Unrealistic Body Expectations

#23 Holland's Sauciest Mannequin

#24 This Mannequin

#25 Finally A Mannequin That Adequately Reflects How Buff I Look In Polo Shirts

#26 Tired Of Nikes Unrealistic Body Expectations For Men

#27 I Think The Mannequins In Chile Have Romania Beat

#28 Found On A Mannequin At Zara

#29 Overly Sad Mannequin

#30 This Ridiculous Mannequin

#31 Help! I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!

#32 I Am Not Wearing This Sh*t!

#33 Someone Hung A Mannequin Underneath The Stairs At My University's Library. I Took A Picture And Flipped It Upside Down

#34 I Raise You Two Creepy Mannequins

#35 Just Another Unrealistic Body Expectation For Women

#36 This Mannequin Has A Beer Belly

#37 I Saw This Mannequin At Target The Other Day

#38 This Sex Shop Mannequin Looks Like She's Questioning Her Life Decisions

#39 This Mannequin Has Tattoos

#40 This Hyped Up Mannequin

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