The couple became more beautiful and healthier after losing 400 pounds.

This story began two years and almost 400 pounds back when the happy newlyweds Lexi and Danny Reed spent all their free time on the couch, absorbing 8,000 kcal each.

Lexi Reed weighed 480 pounds, while her husband, Danny, tipped the scales at 280 pounds.

They were a normal couple: they fell in love, got married and made joint plans for the future. The only problem was their obese.

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“We knew that together anything was possible,” Lexi writes in one photo caption on Instagram. “We weighed a combined total of 765 lbs and we [were] fed up with the life we were living.”

IG: @fatgirlfedup

Despite the fact that they were far from the standards of beauty, they loved each other and wanted to have a child. However, these plans were not destined to come true because of excess weight, both of them showed health problems that prevent the appearance of children. It was then that Reed’s wife decided to change her life for her future.

The pair arranged a marathon under the name Baby Reed 2016, which was decided to extend until 2017. The couple decided to drop excess pounds until they reach their goal – not only improve the appearance but also restore the health lost due to obesity.

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Setting a goal the first thing that the Reeds did – radically revised the nutrition. Only then, sport and other activities were added to the right food.

“When I say that Danny and I have become closer than before, these are not just beautiful words. Once he could not even hug my waist. Together we changed our world!

Weight loss changed a lot in my life, but I never lost a smile. Even being of 200 kilograms I loved myself. I enjoyed myself enough to go through everything for my own health and for the sake of being the best version of myself,” Lexi, whose account owns enormous 705k followers, concluded.

IG: @fatgirlfedup

IG: @fatgirlfedup


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