10 Celebrities with the Most Beautiful Eyes in the World

Eyes speak a million emotions than spoken words can ever do. They are among the first features that draws us into a person. They invoke fear, joy, sadness, amazement, flirtatiousness, wrath, and a bundle of other emotions. Just a look in the eye can reveal many unuttered aspects about a person. Today, let us take a look at some of the celebrities who possess the sharpest and most beautiful eyes of all. So, here’s presenting 10 celebrities with the most beautiful eyes in the world.

Jensen Ackles

Jared Leto

Next up at number 9 on our list is American actor, singer-songwriter and director Jared Leto. Known for being the lead vocalist of Thirty Seconds to Mars and for his work in Fight Club, Mr. Nobody, Panic Room, Requiem for a Dream, Dallas Buyer Club, Suicide Squad, among others, this is one debonair man who makes us drool every time he is on stage and screen. And one of the most attractive features of this Oscar winning actor is his pair of blue eyes. Popping extravagantly from those sharp jawlines, his eyes give a soft demeanour to his overall face, making him a person to look at eternally.

Tyson Beckford

Coming in at number 8 on our list of 10 celebrities with the most beautiful eyes in the world is American supermodel and actor Tyson Beckford. Named by Vogue magazine as the “Greatest Male Model of All Time” in 2014, Beckford has definitely broken male stereotypes in a female-dominated industry. Although he has multiple iconic features such as his classic minimalistic buzz hair, his puffed lips and a chiselled body, it can’t be denied that those sharp brown eyes are captivating like nothing else. His unique set of eyes sets him apart for all the right reasons. This is one man who surely knows how to make love with his eyes.

Penelope Cruz

Grabbing the 7th spot on our list is Spanish actress and model Penelope Cruz, famous for her work in Woman on Top, Gothika, Volver, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, among others. The Oscar winning actress has one of the most intense eyes in the showbiz, which speaks volumes when put in front of camera. It is a known fact that those dark brown eyes raise her sensuous quotient by multitudes.

Cameroon Diaz

Next up at number 6 on our list is American actress, model, author and producer Cameron Diaz. Best known for her work in The Mask, My Best Friend’s Wedding, There’s Something About Mary, Being John Malkovich, Charlies Angels franchise, The Holiday, What Happens in Vegas, Knight and Day, among others, Diaz is one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood. As of 2015, the US domestic box-office gross collection of her movies stands at over a whopping $3 billion, which makes her the third highest-grossing US domestic box-office actress of all time. The bubbly style diva is the quintessential college girl badass who you would want as your best friend. With those blonde hair, electrifying smile and quirky personality, Diaz has garnered millions of fans across the globe. But one thing that truly draws us towards her besides her work is that pair of bright blue eyes which speaks so much for themselves, lighting up a room every time she blinks.

Jude Law

Breaking into the top 5 of our list of 10 celebrities with the most beautiful eyes in the world is English actor Jude Law, known for his work in The Talented Mr. Ripley, Cold Mountain, Enemy at the Gates, Alfie, Closer, The Holiday, Hugo, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Young Pope, among others. Having the looks to kill, this BAFTA winning actor has been a heartthrob for thousands of fans for almost two decades now. An extremely good-looking man, he is the ultimate boy candy that you would want to go on date with. And with those doe-eyed green eyes, this is one charmer hard to resist. His deep eyes ooze his intensity like nothing else.

Audrey Hepburn

Capturing the 4th spot on our list is British actress, model, dancer and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn. Known for her work in Sabrina, Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Wait Until Dark, My Fair Lady, Charade, The Nun’s Story, among others, Hepburn is one of the most iconic figures in the world to have graced the silver screen. Name by American Film Institute as the third greatest female screen legend of Golden Age Hollywood, she is one of only 12 people in the world to have won an Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy award. Apart from being a pop culture icon and fashionista, there was this enigma of girl-next door about Hepburn which everyone could relate to, and for which, she could be the biggest celebrity in the world and your humble best friend at the same time. Each time you look at her, you can’t get past those adorable doe-eyes. Although not something extraordinary, those big brown eyes with shades of teal spoke many unspoken words and was one of her prominent features. It as if she could literally talk to you with her eyes. Only if god made more women like her…

Matt Dallas

Entering the top 3 on our list of 10 celebrities with the most beautiful eyes in the world is American actor Matt Dallas, known for his work in Kyle XY, Eastwick, Baby Daddy, Baby sitter Wanted, Living the Dream, Wannabe, Camp Slaughter, among others. This drop dead gorgeous man, who is also a Youtube star, hosting the popular show Matt & Blue, along with his husband, is bound to make you drool every time you see him. With those piercing grey eyes with green shades, Dallas is one of the most good-looking men in showbiz. Those eyes are seductively captivating and compliments his jawline and dark features. It looks like God definitely took his time sculpting this one!

Angelina Jolie

Next up at number 2 is American actress, filmmaker and humanitarian Angelina Jolie. This Oscar nominated actress, known for her work in Girl, Interrupted, Lara Croft franchise, Salt, Maleficent, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Wanted, A Mighty Heart, Changeling, among others, is often regarded as one of the greatest sex symbols of all time. And it is not only her physical beauty that makes her desirable, it’s the philanthropic work too, which she has been doing in abundance for the past several years now. Speaking of her beauty, yes, those lips are what you are thinking of, some may be thinking of her jawline, but you have to agree, she has eyes for days. Her green eyes, with shades of grey, seem to have been drawn specifically for her. Its what makes her even more irresistible.

Aishwarya Rai

Finally, the number 1 spot on our list of 10 celebrities with the most beautiful eyes in the world belongs to Indian actress, model and beauty queen Aishwarya Rai. Winner of Miss World 1994, she was named by the Miss World organization as the “Most Successful Miss World Ever” in 2014. Known for her work in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas, Chokher Bali, Mohabbatein, Raincoat, Jodha Akbar, Guzaarish, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, The Last Legion, The Pink Panther 2, among others, Rai has often been cited by media across the globe as the most beautiful woman in the world. And that is majorly attributed to her big bright green eyes, which can leave you gasping for breath right away. Another aspect which makes her even more beautiful is her philanthropic work, among which is her contribution and awareness for eye donation. She is the brand ambassador for The Eye Bank Association in her country. This is what you call putting your beauty to make a difference.

So, there you go! Do you agree with our list? Whose eyes mesmerised you the most? Did we miss the celebrity whom you think has got the best eyes? Let us know everything in the comment section below.

Source: bradofo

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