15 Ways To Upcycle Your Wedding Dress

We spend so much money on our dresses and we cherish them so much. It’s such a shame that we only get to wear them on for one day.

But there are ways that you can repurpose your wedding dress to get as much use out of it as possible.

Here are 15 ways to upcycle your wedding dress:

1) Christening Outfit

You can pass your wedding dress down to your baby and turn it into a christening outfit. It can be passed down as an heirloom to all the children in your family. There are companies that do it for you or you can DIY it.

2) Wedding Album

You can cherish your wedding dress forever by turning it into a wedding album. Just take a photo album and cover it in fabric from your dress. You can also add embellishments and trim to it.

3) Baby Blanket

Let baby sleep soundly at night with this beautiful baby blanket. This is another piece that can be passed down as an heirloom. You can use just the fabric or even add embellishments too.

4) Quilt

Imagine if you could look at that gorgeous gown every day. Well, you can if you turn it into a quilt. You may need some extra fabric but this is a really beautiful project.

5) Pillows

How about some pillows to go with that quilt? You can make some beautiful throw pillows with your dress. Use the fabric, embellishments, and trim.

6) Tote Bag

You would never believe that this gorgeous tote bag was once a wedding gown! But it was! This is an excellent way to get a lot of use out of your gown.

7) Keepsake Jewelry

Pieces of your gown can also be repurposed into keepsake jewelry. These can be worn over and over again. The embellishments, lace, and fabric can all be used to make brand new beautiful pieces.

8) Lingerie

Wedding dresses are covered in lace and satin. That makes it perfect for turning into lingerie. You can turn your wedding dress into all different kinds of lingerie pieces.

9) Halloween Costume

Use your wedding dress a Halloween costume. You can even pass it around to family and friends to be worn as a costume. You could be a regular bride, The Corpse Bride, or The Bride of Frankenstein.

10) Scarf

Pieces of your wedding dress can be turned into some great accessories. You can use the lace trim or other pieces of it to make a scarf. This is something you can make over and over again.

11) Keepsake Ornament

Be reminded of your gown and special day year after year. Why not use pieces of your dress to create beautiful ornaments. There are all kinds of different designs for this that you can find here.

12) Christmas Tree Skirt

There’s another way to remember your wedding day each year. You can make a stunning Christmas tree skirt from your old wedding dress. This is another piece that can be passed down.

13) Teddy Bear

You can look at your wedding dress every day if you turn it into a stuffed animal. This design turned a dress into a teddy bear. Look how cute this guy is!

14) Headband

There are ways you can wear your wedding dress over and over again. One of those ways is by turning it into a headband. Just use lace and other embellishments to create your design.

15) Purse

Turn your dress into an accessory. You can use this clutch purse every time you go out. It uses the fabric as well as the embellishments from your gown.

Source: homehacks

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