Suzy looked super cute photo-bombing her fans

Would you feel happy to be trolled by your idol?

Suzy held a fan meeting on her birthday to celebrate the occasion. Not only meeting her fans in the hall, the 24-year-old actress also had another way to show love to fans extremely cute like this one.

Before “Suzy’s Altic” fan meeting, there was a cute pink backdrop outside with logo and Suzy's so that fans could take a photo before the event.

And for some fans, it truly became one of the most memorable photos they’d ever taken. Suzy secretly hid behind the backdrop and when the fan entered the set posing, she would stand behind or sneakily peep out like a professional photo-bomber.

The event was specially prepared as a thank you for the fans who came to celebrate Suzy's birthday, so all the photos at this backdrop were taken by the staffs, so no fans knew their idol was prancing behind them all along.

The fans were only discovered this when the photos were sent, they were very touched since Suzy was there with them during the 1-hour photo shoot, and they were also deeply regretted that they didn’t take any picture together. If they turned their back, they probably had had a chance to hug Suzy.

Actually, each idol has a way to express their feelings to the fans, but Suzy's way of doing this was humorous and still able to show her devotion and love for the fans at the same time. Wish Suzy a happy birthday and continue to succeed in her singing and acting career.


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