Top 5 Korean beauties own the most impressive natural face at the age of 18

At the age of 18, every girl was enjoying their most beautiful age. At that time, how did these Korean beauties look like?

Song Hye Kyo

Recently, a clip posted by MBC received the great attention from fans. That video record of Song Hye Kyo’s image at 18 years old.

At that time, Song Hye Kyo look so beautiful and innocent as goddess . Although she's wearing no makeup but Song Joong Ki‘s wife still attracted many people‘s attention.

Compared to the past, Song Hye Kyo is more and more beautiful.

Jun Ji Hyun

At the beginning in acting career, Jun Ji Hyun was famous for her outstanding appearance. The actress often wears lightly makeup or appears with natural face when filming and her beauty is still enough to conquer the audience.

 Currently, Jun Ji Hyun is married and has children. Her beauty is more attractive and charming.

Suzy (Miss A)

"National first love" makes everyone admired before her pure look evenwhen no makeup . At the age of 18, Suzy proved her charisma as she continuously appeared on beauty charts. With big eyes,white smooth skin, Suzy's beauty stole a lot of fans' heart when she appear with natural face.

Suzy at the age of 25 looks more charismatic and matured, but still really gorgeous.


YG's Dara can not be missed in list for Kpop beauties who own glamorous face and natural looks. By the age of 30 but Dara still makes people jealous with her attractive and young beauty. Dara's unedited photos received great interests from public.

At the age of 18, Dara was still pretty beautiful without makeup, especially her white skin that many people admire.

Yu Ri (SNSD)

Not having smooth white skin as many other idols, but Yu Ri still impressed by her beautiful natural face. She has proven her prominent beauty since she was young.

Beside Yoon Ah, Yu Ri is considered one of female idols that owns the most beautiful natural face in K-pop.

At present, Yuri look more mature and attractive at the age of 29


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