You will be shocked after seeing these Kpop idols' ID photos

With their beautiful and good-looking appearances, these Kpop idols don’t need to worry if their ID photos at high school are posted on the Internet.

1. Yoona- SNSD

Goddess Beauty YoonA is really confident to show her unedited ID photo, proving her natural beauty. She still looks the same as she was in high school.

2. JungKook- BTS

With big eyes and rough face, Jungkook looks no different with this ID photo.

3. Seolhyun – AOA

New generation goddess Seolhyun from AOA makes fans admire her beauty through her photos at high school.

Here is the reason why many of fan boys have fallen in love with her

4. JinWoo- WINNER

When he was 17-18 years old, he already had a high nose and handsome face.

There is no different between Jinwoo in the past and at the moment

5. Suzy

A child suzy looks pure and lovely, and as beautiful as now

6. Chanyeol –EXO

Chanyeol was famous at high school thanks to his perfect body and face. This ID photo was the proof for it.

7. Nayeon- TWICE

When she was in high school, she impressed every one with her bright smile.

8. Cha Eunwoo –ASTRO

New generation visual – Eunwoo looked perfect in this photo.

9. Krystal- F(x)

“Ice girl” Krystal (F(x)) looked stunning in her ID photo.

10. Jinyoung - B1A4

Jinyoung still looked handsome in his school’s yearbook.


L proved that he didn’t need to use any photo editing software to take his ID photo.

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