14 Ways To Upcycle Perfume Bottles

A good perfume can be pretty pricey. But wouldn’t it be great if you can get a little more out of the price you paid? Well, you can be reusing your perfume bottles.

Here are 15 ways to upcycle perfume bottles:

1) Terrarium

Create a unique looking terrarium with old perfume bottles. Just add some pebbles, soil, and plants. These terrariums are absolutely darling!

2) Oil Burner

Pour some scented oil in your perfume bottles and add a wick. You can also add elements inside to make it look nice. This will make your home smell great.

3) Flower Vase

Looking for a decorative vase? Just take the top off of a perfume bottle and put your flowers in. It makes for a very chic vase.

4) Chandelier

Need a lighting fixture that pops? This one was made from old perfume bottles. It is quite the show stopper.

5) Jewelry Holder

Try using your old perfume bottles as a jewelry or ring holder. Just place your jewelry on the top of your bottle. It looks a lot nice than a regular jewelry holder.

6) Home Decor

Want something pretty to look at? Perfume bottles make the perfect home decor. Just fill it with pearls, rhinestones, or anything else.

7) Art

Got funky perfume bottles? Then you can make some funky art. There are all types of cool things you can make with perfume bottles.

8) Mini Planters

Your old perfume bottles can help teeny tiny little plants grow. Just pour in some water and add your small plant. It makes the cutest mini planter.

9) Candlestick Holder

Candle holders can be pretty basic looking. But not if you’re using a perfume bottle. Just pop the candlestick right into the top.

10) Reed Diffuser

Your old perfume bottles can keep your house smelling sweet, minus the fire hazard. Clean out your bottle and pour in some fragrance oil. Then pop in your reeds.

11) Potion Bottle Necklace

Have some tiny perfume bottles? Turn them into these gorgeous potion bottle necklaces. Just and some chains and fill the bottles with rhinestones or sparkles.

12) Light

Perfume bottles can also be transformed into pretty night lights. Just place some twinkle lights inside. Then leave in a place where you need a little light.

13) Pin Cushion

Perfume bottles make the cutest pincushions. Cover the top of your perfume bottle with some fabric filled with stuffing. Glue this to the top of your perfume bottle and use as a pin cushion.

14) Place Card

Perfume bottles can also be turned into super cute placeholders. Just label the bottle with your guest’s name and table number. You can also have a note or placard sticking out of the bottle.

Use perfume bottles to really make a photo stand out. Just decoupage photos to your bottle. Decorate around your photo to give it a vintage look.

Source: homehacks

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