The Internet Is Outraged At This Father Who Chopped Off His Daughter’s Hair After Getting Highlights

So this poor girl has been absolutely humiliated after her father and step-mother chopped off all her hair.  Her mother had agreed to get her daughter highlights for her birthday and they looked great! Apparently, this didn’t sit well with her father seeing as he cut off all of her hair.  This is absolutely crazy. I’m sure there’s some bad blood between the mom and the dad but leave the kid out of it. It’s disgusting someone would devastate their own daughter  to prove a point. After picking her daughter up from spending time with her father Christin Johnson discovered all her daughter’s hair had been cut off.

“This is what my daughter looked like Sunday when I took her home and the other two pics is what happened today before she was brought to me…all over me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!

The story continues to grow and has been shared over 24k times. I’m not sure if this can be considered child abuse or if it should be but something should be done. That father and stepmother should see some form of punishment  because this girl shouldn’t have to be embarrassed every day because of her father’s immaturity. The comments say it all hopefully something gets done to those two disgusting adults who did this to a child.


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