Korean celebrities who lost their career due to cosmetic surgeries

Due to cosmetic surgery, these Korean stars destroyed their faces and lost their entire career

They used to be Asian celebrities who were praised by their beauty, but they ruined their faces through cosmetic surgery. When seeing the current appearance of these stars, the audience and the fans have to regret.

Jang Geun Suk

Jang Geun Suk was the prince in the dreams of millions of girls. But in the last few years, his beauty has continuously come down and has become unnatural. The actor is said to have suffered from bad effects of cosmetic surgery.

The images in the series of promotional events for the 2018 Winter Olympics not long ago of Jang Geun Suk made the audience greatly regret the beauty of the prince of Asia.

Jung Ryeo Won

Jung Ryeo Won often makes fans disappointed when she appears in few recent years. It is believed that she ruined her face because she had many surgeries.

Looking at Jung Ryeo Won's unnatural and old face in recent events, many viewers commented that the beauty of "My name is Kim Sam Soon" has made a very wrong surgery decision.

Han Mi Ok

Korean female singer Han Mi Ok once owned a great beauty, but because of her cosmetic surgery passion, she ruined her face heavily.

Deformed face makes the singer lose confidence and afraid to go out.

Kim Jung Eun

When Kim Jung Eun became famous by the fever "Lovers in Paris”, the story of her having cosmetic surgery also became hot topicat that time. Many viewers of the day surprised because the actress was even prettier before cosmetic surgery.

However, she’s lucky at her love. The fact that she married a rich husband two years ago proved that.

Kim Gyu Ri

Kim Gyu Ri once owned a beautiful appearance. However, she had cosmetic surgery and made herself worse.

The evil girl of "Sun Hee and Jin Hee" have been away from the entertainment industry for about 5 years. If she hadn’t chose cosmetic surgery, she would probably have had more opportunities to move forward in her career.

Source: Feng Feng/ ttvn


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